What’s your travel personality?

What’s your travel personality?

Are you a planner, winger, cruiser, lounger, or lifer?

Planner: the Planner is exceptionally meticulous. His/her vacation is arranged months in advance, and the destination country scrupulously researched. The car rental has been booked, as have the hotels, as have the tours. Every single one of them. The Planner needs to know exactly where they’re going and when.

Positives: Planners are excellent on a tight budget; Negatives: they can’t take advantage of last-minute deals

Winger: the Winger; the Go-With-The-Flow’er is the complete opposite of the Planner. The King and Queen of last-minute deals, the Winger just takes things in as they happen. If their gamble pays of, they’re off. If it doesn’t, they’re perfectly content with staying put until a deal (sometimes, any deal) smiles their way.

Positives: often laid-back and fun-loving; Negatives: not always reliable

Cruiser: the Cruiser falls between the Planner and the Winger. While Cruisers love a planned out vacation, they would prefer to delegate the stress of planning to a professional – like a travel agent or a tour group. And as they go along their vacation, Cruisers are quite open to adding on last minute deals.

Positives: their flexibility makes them excellent travel companions. Negatives: budget. What budget?

Lounger: the Lounger, as the name suggests, is only interested in one type of vacation – the type that involves a lot of rest and relaxation. All inclusives were made for Loungers: food, drinks and entertainment aplenty, with nary a thought.  100 % stress free are what vacations are all about for the Lounger.

Positives: all about having a good time.  Negatives: not the type for adventure tourism

Lifer: The Lifer wants to experience it all. Everything about the local culture. From dawn to dusk and beyond, expect the Lifer to be out and about, traipsing thought the city or village, Savannah, jungle or ice field. The Lifer lives for adventure, close call and escapades. The Lifer will try anything once.

Positives: there’s never a boring moment. Negatives: you might need another vacation after one with a Lifer

Personally, I would have to say that I’m a Lounger Planner, with just a tiny sprinkle of Lifer.

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