The many frustrations of planning a trip with other people

Everyone needs a vacation, and you’re one of the lucky few to have both the time and funds for that well deserved break.

You’ve decided on where to go; you have a group of friends, colleagues, and/or family who have expressed interest, and now it’s time to plan.

And that’s where things hit a snag (or a brick wall at full speed):

  1. Vacation dates that do not line up. Now isn’t that just peachy? This is one of the most common frustrations:
    • “You’re off in February? Shoot. I’m of in March.”
    • “Hey, I’m off in March.”
    • “March break?”
    • “No, late March.”
  2. Vacation mates that do not show up…to plan the vacation. Apparently, there are those individuals who think that vacations plan themselves:
    • “Let’s meet to plan the trip.”
    • “Yes. Let’s! I’m in,” they say, but actually taking the time to meet, or showing up when a meeting has been scheduled, is another story…
  3. Vacation expectations that differ:
    • “All inclusive?”
    • “Nah, I’m bored with all inclusives. B&B right in the heart of the city.”
    • “I don’t want to be in a city. I’m vacationing to get away from city life.”
    • “Why would you go all the way to another country and just sit at one resort?”
    • “Because the resort is on the beach and I don’t have to make dinner!”
  4. The hare vs the sloth:
    • “Ok. Let’s see. Zip lining. Oh, and horseback riding. And hiking. And ATVing. And day trips. And group tours. And…what else would you like to do?”
    • *crickets* (while dreaming of lying prone on a beach towel all week)
  5. Last minute ditherers
    • “Hum. You know how I said I could go on a trip with you? Well…”

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