How’s the weight loss coming along?

Everyone seems to have an opinion these days about how best to lose or maintain one’s weight.

Whether it’s a bit of weight or a lot of weight, advice (some times unsolicited) can range from:

Eat more often

Eat less often

Eat more carbs

Eat less carbs

Eat more fat

Eat less fat

Exercise more often

Exercise less…no? No. Not for us regular folks. Unfortunately – everyone seems pretty consistent on this one. Although I did come across the Guardian article “Why exercise won’t make you thin” so hmm…

What is clear is that a combination of the modern conveniences of transportation, not to mention sedentary office jobs, coupled with calorie-rich, utterly scrumptious, easily available foods, weight gain (over the years) is virtually inevitable for the average person.

So what is the average person to do?


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