Where to go this winter?

I think it’s safe to say that most people have a love, mostly hate, relationship with winter. Okay, most Ontarians. Perhaps I can only speak for Ontarians. (Do the Nunavummiuq (I had to look that up) love winter? It’s cold up there 4 months out of the year, and bitterly cold for the remaining 8. Do the Alaskans?)

There’s a lot of complaining when the first cold snaps hit. It always seems to surprise us. Not only are we flabbergasted by how cold it is, we also seem to forget how to drive on the icy, slushy streets.

After some time, there’s acceptance as we settle into the long, cold haul. And at some point, abscondment, when we flee to a warmer locale, no matter how briefly.

But where to? Do you have a go to that you swear by? Or maybe you just go with the deals and sales (what’s your go to website to find these deals? Spill!). All inclusive or hotel or Airbnb? Or maybe you stay put because you’re one of those “humans” who claim to love winter?

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